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“The opportunity to work side-by-side with Grammy-recognized artists and to get the sort of hands-on experience our son received was invaluable. This wasn’t a classroom experience -  this was the real deal. Best of all, the family environment that Pajama Studios placed our son in allowed him to grow not only as a musician and as a professional, but as a person as well.”
- Bob and Gina Comes, parents of student Tyler Comes
(shown with Kenny G, a former mentee of James Gardiner)


“Our son, Chris, has been in James Gardiner's mentoring program for eight months [at this writing]. His experience, the individual daily attention he gets from James and his growth as a potential musician have been extraordinary. Chris, who plays the electric guitar and piano, began with raw talent and a passion for all music, especially heavy metal. With James’ guidance, that passion has not only grown but Chris’ musical interests have expanded to include becoming a professional composer. [After 17 months in the GMM program] Chris presented us with his first digital symphony composition. True to his interest in heavy metal music, it is called 'Birth and Death.'  It took four months to write every note, runs for 17 minutes and involves over 30 instruments. His parents could not have been prouder. Thank you for nurturing our son’s passion.”
- Jim and Janice Meeder, parents of student Chris Meeder (pictured)


“It’s difficult to express how thankful we are to have our son Justin working side by side with a musical genius like James Gardiner. Being that Justin has already received valuable instruction as a young, gifted classical guitarist, it is exciting to see his natural evolution as a musician under the tutelage and leadership of someone with James' knowledge, experience and musical insight. Justin looks forward to his weekly scheduled appointments at Pajama Studios and never hesitates to remind me of his studio days. Amazingly, he is currently producing, composing and so much more, with James as his primary guide. We are all humbled by the opportunity and have great hopes for this truly valuable investment into our son's future!  We give many thanks to James for realizing the importance of giving back!.”
- David and Tomiko Hawkins, parents of Justin Hawkins (pictured)
Gardiner Music Mentoring is listed on http://www.educationbug.org/private-schools.

Chika Shimojima My twenty-year-old daughter has had her musical composition and orchestration supervised by Mr. Gardiner for 11 months. Due to her autism, she has very limited communicative ability and attention span. And she was fresh from Japan when she first met him, and could not handle English at all. Nevertheless, Mr. Gardiner warmly accepted her to his weekly lessons, and he has done an amazing job to draw the best from her. We can tell this with certainty because my wife and I have accompanied our daughter in every lesson to assist her, and have seen how Mr. Gardiner works with her.  His attitude is always open-minded, accepting every piece of her musical work with true sense of wonder, joy, and encouragement. His technical advice is something only a real professional can make, covering every concrete step in composition and orchestration. His method really works, and my daughter's composition has been dramatically improved in a short period of time. She has learnt how to use the latest software to score and orchestrate her composition, finishing more than ten pieces of music including one for a full symphony orchestra. For each lesson, Mr. Gardiner assigns carefully planned homework to her, and it engages her almost full time during the days between lessons. That makes her feel like attending a full-time music college, and I believe the quality of education she receives from Mr. Gardiner is in fact at that level. I happen to be a college professor myself, and as a professional educator, I learn a lot from Mr. Gardiner's educational methods and attitudes. I find in him the rare combination of real music professional and dedicated educator.

-Atsushi Shimojima, father of Chika Shimojima

Randy Spendlove

President of Motion Picture Music for Paramount Pictures

“As President of Motion Picture Music at Paramount Pictures I’ve been privileged to work with great composers. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing James Gardiner for 19 years and consider James a brilliant
composer in the same class of our industry.
I highly recommend the Gardiner Music Mentoring program in furthering the development of young film composers.”Paramount+logo

Donald K. Wilson, Jr.

Music, Film, Television and Sports Entertainment Attorney

“I have known Jim for many years.  In addition to being an extremely gifted
and talented person in all aspects of the music industry, he has a tremendous work ethic and is truly devoted to educating, nurturing and developing young talent. He has an uncanny knack for bringing the best out of an individual.”