James Gardiner has just been GRAMMY nominated for the first ever

Music Educator Award!



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Transforming the Dream of a Music Career

Into a Reality

two_guitarists_lounge_Pajama_StudiosGardiner Music Mentoring provides a unique experience: a place where students can learn, create and fulfill possibilities in the real world of performance and production.

Individual attention: One-to-one and small group mentoring to adults and youth ages 9 and older in music performance, composition and engineering.
Personalized mentorship: James Gardiner personally works with each student in a program individually tailored to his or her unique interests, goals, styles, talents and starting points. 
World-class special guest mentors: Our roster of carefully selected music professionals offers supplemental  lessons and relationship-building with industry professionals. 

Curriculum in music performance, composition, and engineering:The unique full-immersion curriculum is designed to launch professional careers in various facets of the music industry. 
Hands-on learning in a world-class recording studio: We offer students the best of both worlds: private development plus real-world application. Instruction occurs in private sessions and as part of the working life of Pajama Studios and Touch-Tone Productions, our multi-track, analo/digital recording and producing facility in historic Jack London Square, Oakland, Calif. 
Perfect for students who learn best in alternative educational settings: We know how to work with a variety of learning styles.
Ongoing education for adults: Whether you're a working professional, a beginner or somewhere in between, Gardiner Music Mentoring can set up a class or program with you to extend your knowledge of music engineering, composition, production, performance and more.
Year-round, structured units: Morning, afternoon and/or evening sessions with milestones are offered year-round, with intensity and schedule meeting each student’s needs. See options at our Choosing Your Program page.
Remote instruction. Talk to us to set up remote instruction via Skype.