Choosing Your Program

Music Study and Performance

Designed to help musicians, singers and songwriters gain skills as composers and performers. Instruction in composition, music theory, orchestration, production, music software and performance. Open to instrumentalists and vocalists.

Music Engineering

Focus on the crucial art and craft of recording, mixing and mastering. Learn about the entire process from idea to disc manufacture to digital distribution. Analog and digital engineering using the latest software. Micing, EQing, effects. Home-studio building. Interaction with musicians, producers, writers and managers

Artist Development and Music Industry

Create, experience, record, perform and develop essential business skill sets. For artists who want to launch their identities and creative content in a local and global market. Includes a live performance video posted on the internet, a 4-song EP recorded and mastered in state-of-the-art recording facilities, and marketing, promotion, press releases, and a CD release event.